Where to from here?

In a follow up to the previous update whereby EnviroServ pleaded guilty, DEFF should be conducting their review of the operations of the Monitoring Committee. We hope that all who have experienced the goings on have made your voices heard. The Monitoring Committee is there to ensure that EnviroServ does not continue polluting and to operate as it is compelled to operate.

A reminder of the email addresses:
Mishelle Govender – migovender@environment.gov.za
Frances Craigie – FCraigie@environment.gov.za
Minister – Minister@environment.gov.za
Some additional addresses:

It is now up to the community to let the above authorities know if they are still smelling the EnviroServ smell and to make their representations on the Monitoring Committee. The Monitoring Committee is legislated and should be the platform for EnviroServ to be held accountable. If Enviroserv is found guilty of infringement in the next 3 years, the other R2 million becomes payable.

For the time being, the UHA website and app will still be taking reports which go to the relevant authorities, EnviroServ as well as us. Nothing has changed there.

As UHA has completed its mandate, as expressed in the last meeting with the community reps, if there is anyone wanting to get involved and take over from the current team, please do contact us on admin@upperhighwayair.co.za. Should no-one come forward, we will finalise the required audits and disperse the monies to other organisations fighting for environmental rights.

Upper Highway Air