UHA encourages other lawful initiatives

Whilst UHA is taking all possible legal action to address the odour impacts to the Community, it must be made clear to the community, that UHA has always encouraged, and continues to encourage, any individual community member, or grouping of members, to launch whatever legal action and to engage in whatever lawful protest action it/they wish, in addition to UHA’s efforts.

Many of you have approached UHA requesting advice on not paying rates and other protest measures, as well as the possibility of pursuing independent civil and criminal action. Those individuals are aware that UHA has encouraged you to seek independent advice and to take whatever action they feel appropriate based on such advice.

This is still the position of UHA and the Community does not need UHA’s permission to take any action in addition to that already instituted by UHA.

Lastly, in relation to the suggestion that UHA has not accepted offers of help or additional expertise from unnamed individuals willing to assist. UHA has pursued every offer of assistance.

Many of those offers though were to assist only off the record and such limited assistance has also been utilised. Some offers were not responded to at all after UHA approached the individuals referred, or and despite undertaking to assist, such offers were not delivered on.

Accordingly, if there are still any individuals with the relevant expertise willing to assist in the ongoing fight, and wish to place themselves on record and commit the time and effort to the cause, we invite you to come forward.

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