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DEA issues directive to suspend waste disposal at EnviroServ Shongweni Landfill

The DEA has just announced that they have issued a directive to EnviroServ to cease all acceptance, treatment & disposal of all waste streams at the EnviroServ Shongweni landfill. EnviroServ has 4 working days to comply with this directive. We look forward to the decision re the s56 notice in

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EnviroServ point to more potential polluters

On 30th March 2017, EnviroServ released a presentation to the NPC for disclosure. The data provided indicates elevated sulphur dioxide concentrations during easterly wind trajectories over an eight day period, 15/16 March 2017 to 22/23 March 2017, as detected by two real-time community monitoring stations (Plantations and Kwandengezi) installed and

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Upper Highway Air makes representations to authorities in response to s56 notice issued to EnviroServ

When the DEA announced it had issued a s56 notice to EnviroServ to make representations as to why the DEA should not suspend or revoke its waste management license, the Upper Highway Air NPC, through its attorneys, requested an opportunity also to make representations to the DEA  as to why

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