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UHA responding submissions – 25th May 2017

UHA NPC responding appeal submissions, review of tox report and preliminary expert results.   Annexure A1 Annexure A2 Annexure A3 Annexure B Annexure C Annexure D Annexure E Annexure F Annexure G Annexure H Annexure I Annexure J Annexure K Annexure L Annexure M Annexure N Annexure Infotox 1

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Where we are – Why it still stinks…

As you know on 26 April 2017 the Durban High Court granted an order in favour of the UHA NPC interdicting EnviroServ from receiving, treating and disposing of any further waste into the Shongweni Landfill Site (“SLS”).  That order also expressly included a prohibition against EnviroServ disposing of leachate generated

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Civil interdictory proceeding – 8th May 2017

Yesterday, 8th May 2017, UHA NPC returned to court in the civil inderdictory proceedings against EnviroServ. The UHA NPC had to approach the Court for an extension to file its replying affidavit in the main application as per time frames provided in the original Court order (i.e. by 8 May

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