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Toxicology and methodology

Methodology and toxicology update EnviroServ Shongweni Landfill

Methodology and toxicology update: EnviroServ Shongweni landfill. The following was received by Upper Highway Air from the Department of Environmental Affairs on the 27th of December 2016. This document forms part of a larger request for information made to the DEA for documents pertaining to the landfill, which to date,

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Upper Highway Air Web complaints

Website Complaints Statistics for December so far.

 Website complaints statistics from the 1st of December to date. 5545 complaints registered so far. An Android app is now available to make complaints reporting simpler. iOS app release to be announced. Download link: Website complaints are used by our independent experts to correlate odour reports with frequent air

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Help Desiree Erasmus to Receive the #innovateAfrica Journalism Grant

Journalist Desiree Erasmus has been documenting the plight of our community through Noseweek magazine and other regional and national media. Desiree has applied for an #innovateAfrica investigative journalism grant so that she can work full time on the struggle of communities affected by hazardous landfills, such as ours, and neglected

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EnviroServ toxic landfill upper highway

UPDATE: Why Won’t EnviroServ Come Clean?

Despite claims and promises of transparency, and despite repeated requests to EnviroServ to disclose, amongst others, the following: 1. What aspects of the compliance notice of 21 October 2016 EnviroServ has appealed against to the Minister; 2. What aspects of the compliance notice or remedial actions contained therein, EnviroServ have

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Support UHA by purchasing a Veggie Pack!

UHA have had a very generous offer from a local business, The Natural Way. A donation of R 10,000.00 will be allocated to Upper Highway Air if members of our group are prepared to order 50 fresh vegetable packs ! These hearty and healthy vegetable packs are available in two

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Human Rights

Human Rights Complaints Forms

We would like to encourage everyone to complete and submit a complaint to the Human Rights Commission. The Human right which is being violated is the ‘Right to a clean environment’. You can find the Human Rights Commission form here. Please email these through to Kathleen Boyce on

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Hillcrest EnviroServmustfall

Casual Friday in Stinkcrest

Computer World Hillcrest have showed fantastic support for the cause by proudly purchasing and wearing their tees to work this past Friday after awakening to the infamous noxious odour most foul! Stickers and T-Shirts are available at the store. Thank you to Liz Landsberg and Team, your fighting spirit makes us proud to

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Website upgrade

UHA Website Upgrade

The Upper Highway Air website is currently undergoing some upgrades in order to better your overall browsing and reporting experience. We thank you for your patience and continued support.   Team UHA

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