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EnviroServ continues to pollute the community! A foul odour continues to be generated in the community from our not so good, not so friendly neighbour, EnviroServ. As if the stink from the landfill was not enough, EnviroServ has taken a leaf from disgraced UK PR company, Bell Pottinger’s playbook. EnviroServ’s

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EnviroServ hijacks monitoring committee

UHA NPC, it’s directors and SDCEA were among existing monitoring committee members excluded by Enviroserv from participation in the monitoring committee, unless they acquiesced in Enviroserv and its facilitator’s unilaterally determined conditions for continued participation. We were not notified of the meeting, nor provided with an agenda or the information

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Update – August 2017

Civil case by UHA NPC v EnviroServ The civil action has been instituted and EnviroServ is yet to plead to UHA NPC’s claim. Preliminary skirmishes raised by EnviroServ have delayed this action. On 26 April 2017 UHA NPC obtained an urgent interdict against EnviroServ interdicting them from accepting, treating and

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