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Some rumours dispelled

To dispel the rumours that are doing the rounds, EnviroServ ARE NOT trading. Our interim relief still stands and supersedes the ministers decision to conditionally uplift the suspension. This will be in place until the hearing is heard (we do not have a date as yet but are filing our

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UHA encourages other lawful initiatives

Whilst UHA is taking all possible legal action to address the odour impacts to the Community, it must be made clear to the community, that UHA has always encouraged, and continues to encourage, any individual community member, or grouping of members, to launch whatever legal action and to engage in

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Lets Finish the Fight!

Its the Final push to Finish this fight. What can you do to to make your mark and help the fight? If you have not yet registered with Upper Highway Air as an IAP (interested and affected party), please take the time to complete this form and once completed, send

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