Human Rights

Human Rights Complaints Forms

We would like to encourage everyone to complete and submit a complaint to the Human Rights Commission. The Human right which is being violated is the ‘Right to a clean environment’. You can find the Human Rights Commission form here. Please email these through to Kathleen Boyce on

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Hillcrest EnviroServmustfall

Casual Friday in Stinkcrest

Computer World Hillcrest have showed fantastic support for the cause by proudly purchasing and wearing their tees to work this past Friday after awakening to the infamous noxious odour most foul! Stickers and T-Shirts are available at the store. Thank you to Liz Landsberg and Team, your fighting spirit makes us proud to

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What is Landfill Leachate?

WHAT IS A LANDFILL? A well built landfill is a correctly crafted and engineered sunken area of ground into which wastes are put. The aim is to avoid any water-related connections from occurring between the wastes and the surrounding environment, in particular the groundwater. In short, a landfill is a

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