EnviroServ continues to pollute the community!

A foul odour continues to be generated in the community from our not so good, not so friendly neighbour, EnviroServ. As if the stink from the landfill was not enough, EnviroServ has taken a leaf from disgraced UK PR company, Bell Pottinger’s playbook. EnviroServ’s game of distraction and delay saw it stoop to a new, albeit transparent, low when it led its employees in chants of “Down with the White People”, “Down with the Oppressors”, “Down with those who are preventing us from going to work”, claiming “commercial property interests” (presumably white) were behind the UHA NPC’s action against it.

We assume these allegations were also directed at the DEA as the “protest” by EnviroServ employees took place outside the Durban Magistrates Court shortly after Dean Thompson, Esme Gombault and Clive Kidd took up a pew in the dock of Court X.

We cannot say Bell Pottinger would be proud, because somehow the play was fumbled by EnviroServ. Usually this type of tactics are covert operations, one of suggestion and sowing ideas rather than broadcasting the campaign wearing company branded T-shirts, waving probably company paid for placards, with your own company Public Affairs Manager and Consultant as the choir leaders.

There is no place in our democracy for instigating racial divides with hate speech, not when you admit behind closed doors that the communities of Kwandengezi, Dassenhoek and surrounds are also suffering. To those of you who braved the EnviroServ stink once more outside Court on 17 August 2017, we salute you. The UHA NPC continues to pursue the communities’ interests using lawful means.

On 21 August 2017 UHA NPC duly instituted proceedings in the Equality Court, High Court of South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, against EnviroServ, Makgabo Van Niekerk and Thabiso Taaka to put a stop to this hate speech and harassment.

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