Lets Finish the Fight!

Its the Final push to Finish this fight.

What can you do to to make your mark and help the fight?

If you have not yet registered with Upper Highway Air as an IAP (interested and affected party), please take the time to complete this form and once completed, send to admin@upperhighwayair.co.za. Subject IAP – NAME. Example: IAP – LAUREN JOHNSON.

Secondly, if you have not yet completed an affidavit stating how you have been affected by the pollution, and if your symptoms clear up when leaving the area, please use this template as a guideline. Please try to be as descriptive and accurate as possible. Please include any Dr’s notes/letters as well as photographs/videos etc, we need all evidence. Please ensure you have these commissioned by a Commisioner of Oaths and then emailed to admin@upperhighwayair.co.za with subject – AFFIDAVIT – YOUR NAME. Example: AFFIDAVIT – LAUREN JOHNSON and you must keep the original as we will require it for court proceedings.

Please may we have these by no later than 5pm on Friday, 19th January 2018.

This is the FINAL STRETCH! Make your mark and do your bit. Keep donating, reporting and supporting.

Upper Highway Air