Some rumours dispelled

To dispel the rumours that are doing the rounds, EnviroServ ARE NOT trading.

Our interim relief still stands and supersedes the ministers decision to conditionally uplift the suspension. This will be in place until the hearing is heard (we do not have a date as yet but are filing our replying papers shortly), and only if our interdict is discharged, can they then trade again. The tankers that you see coming and going have to remove over 600 million (yes MILLION) litres of leachate off site to the SWWTW (Southern Waste Water Treatment Works).

It stinks so badly because they are allegedly treating the contaminated stormwater on the working face. If you take a drive to the Kwandengezi side of the landfill you will see this for yourself. You will see the progressive capping on the front face and the ‘dams’ at the top. No waste being dumped.

Please please stop spreading rumours and listening to your aunties, uncles, brothers, daughters, cousin for information.

Keep reporting, donating and supporting! Thanks and together with you all, we WILL win this!

Upper Highway Air