UHA Appeal against the issuing of another 10 year licence to EnviroServ

As we are sure you wont be surprised, EnviroServ are up to their age old tricks in the Criminal case of delaying and refusing to accept any responsibility for their actions after failing to reach a plea agreement with the prosecution who requested input from us on behalf of the community.

We have absolute non negotiables, such as an independently run Monitoring Committee (which they are legislated to have in accordance with their licence) to have oversight on the running of the landfill, and to be held accountable for their actions with more than just a slap on the wrist.

The Criminal case has been adjourned to the 14th December 2020.

UHA have lodged an appeal to the issuing of their Waste Management Licence, because instead of reviewing the license, which was due to end in 2024, DEFF have issued another 10 year licence, to end in 2030. They issued this licence on outdated information with no application for renewal to 2030.

Below is a copy of our appeal:

Appeal Response Form (ARR)

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Annexure B
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