IAP’s Required for Litigation to be Instituted by UHA

To all those affected by the air pollution in the UH region.

It is time to extend your efforts beyond the valuable reporting contribution to date.

Those interested and affected members of the community who are prepared to formally record in the litigation to be instituted by Upper Highway Air NPO against, amongst others, the DEA and Department of Water & Sanitation, that the NGO is litigating in protection of their human rights and in their interests, are required to formally email admin@upperhighwayair.co.za with subject “IAP – FULL NAME” (example: IAP – JANE DOE) with their full names, address, identity number and a short description of their nuisance, odour and /or health impacts suffered, the period over which it has been suffered, and confirmation that they are prepared to be named as interested and affected parties in a schedule to be attached to the court papers. You will not, in fact be cited as a party to the litigation but will be named in a schedule as parties who support the litigation instituted by the NGO in protection of your interests and human rights.

If you would like to complete a form please click here and email to admin@upperhighwayair.co.za

Please let us have these names as soon as possible.

Below is a guideline, please use this as an example only.

IAP layout