Enviroleak before the Storm

We are pleased to report that yesterday UHA NPC delivered its supplementary founding affidavit in the review application.

Watch this space and the press!

EnviroServ certainly will know yesterday was Friday the 13th.

Not only did EnviroServ, the Minister and Ethekwini’s attorneys get served with UHA’s papers, but in a faux pas of true Mendoza proportions, in her ubiquitous desire to catalog publicly every mundane aspect of her life, and every insult directed at her long-suffering husband or clients, she posted a picture of her pet cat, save that this time her laptop was open as was her mailbox. Lo and behold what appeared to have been unable to retain mendacious Mendoza’s attention was EnviroServ’s Dr Schoonraad trying his hand at a “propaganda” manifesto in response to the UHA’s blog. We are glad he so “enjoyed writing” it but while EnviroServ is an old hand at propaganda by now, given their efforts to avoid remediation, we fear that no amount of propaganda is going to get them out of the pickle they find themselves in today.

Perhaps Schoonraad’s time would be better spent applying his mind to the persistent noxious emissions emanating from the Shongweni landfill site rather than still trying to change the “narrative”.

We also note that a healthy amount is being spent on Meltwater in its bid to keep track of what the community is doing to win this fight!

We are sure this blog will send alarm bells off shortly.

Upper Highway Air