EnviroServ claims no more smell & requests permission to trade freely again

Yesterday, UHA as an IAP acting on behalf of the UHA community, responded to submissions from EnviroServ in their request to the Minister to have the varied suspension order completely lifted to allow them to trade fully again at Shongweni.

This suspension was first varied by the Minister’s appeal decision in December 2017, when she allowed the receipt of solid inorganic waste which did not contain sulphur, and again on 7 March 2019, when she allowed them to receive Municipal Solid Waste and Medical waste in addition to the prior waste allowed.

We contracted our experts to assist with the response to EnviroServ’s submissions, which has cost UHA approximately R100k (we have not yet received all the invoices). The results of further testing undertaken, in particular the possible deposition of Mercury as a result of the operation of the flare, were also submitted.

It is also apparent from the work undertaken by our experts that EnviroServ persists in its false reporting to the authorities that none of the complaints received can be related to the Landfill. Our experts, WSP, have highlighted the failure by EnviroServ’s Dr Schoonraad to conduct the analysis in accordance with the most basic scientific methods and principles and the fact that his analyses are also not conducted in accordance with the Minister’s directives in December 2017.

The summary table containing EnviroServ’s request and UHA’s response can be seen below for your information.


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